tek intonat®-stacks

tek intonat-stacks are a range of controllable natural ventilation roof terminals.

The stacks can be manufactured to any size and are available in various shapes including square, rectangular, circular, triangular, and also bespoke designs can be supplied in wood, copper, stainless steel and other specialist finishes.

Units can be manufactured from extruded aluminium or GRP.

The units are usually fixed to a builder's curb.

Passive Stacks

The tek intonat-passive stacks consist of an insulated roof louvred unit, a high specification insulated damper, an actuator and an internal grille.

The units are usually used in conjunction with low level tek intonat-wall units or opening windows with the warm, stale air leaving the stacks.

The passive stack can be manufactured with removable panels to gain access to a motor or to the inside of the shaft itself.

Damper positions - The damper for the tek intonat-passive stack can be positioned in a number of places, attached to the duct in the ceiling void for easy motor access, attached to the upstand to keep the shaft dry when the damper is closed, or fitted behind the louvres to prevent any water ingress or to allow a clear roof to be fitted for natural light to below.

Active Stacks

The tek intonat-active stacks consist of a louvred roof unit, a high specification insulated damper, an actuator and an internal grille.

The units can be used on their own with fresh air entering and stale air leaving through different compartments within the same duct, or it can be used in conjunction with tek intonat-low level louvres or opening windows.

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