tek intonat®-fans

tek intonat have developed a range of fans which can be used
in conjunction with many of our natural ventilation products.

Electric or solar powered fans can be used with tek intonat-passive and -active stacks, tek intonat-wall units, or as stand alone items like the super quiet hybrid fan shown below.

tek intonat's hybrid fan system has been developed for underfloor or ceiling void mounting to provide a boost to natural ventilation.

This combines full room purge volume with extremely low regenerated noise and power consumption. A valuable addition when the route to corridor becomes congested.

The units are fully speed controllable and can provide a volume from 180l/s up to 345l/s. Even on high speed the Noise Rating level for the room does not exceed NR35.

Access to the fan motor is provided for maintenance and a range of casing configurations provide flexibility.

Volume and Power Consumption
Speed I/s Amps Watts Input
1 345 0.75 180
2 310 0.65 156
3 280 0.58 139
4 260 0.55 132
5 210 0.48 115
6 180 0.43 103
Acoustic Performance
Fan Speed NR Level at 1 metre
1 Intake
1 Discharge
2 Intake
2 Discharge
3 Intake
3 Discharge
4 Intake
4 Discharge
5 Intake
5 Discharge
6 Intake
6 Discharge

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