tek intonat®-acoustics

tek intonat have designed a selection of attenuators incorporated into natural ventilation units.

One system incorporates an inline attenuator between the thermally insulated motorised damper and the internal face of the unit.

The acoustic loss of the inline attenuator is dependent on the free area and length of the attenuated section.

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Attenuated Natural Ventilation Units

In order to save space we have developed a range of Z-shaped attenuators to enable the acoustic section of the natural ventilation unit to be accommodate within the depth of the wall.

We can engineer and individually test your requirements providing an acoustic reduction of up to Dnew 37. Attenuators can also be fitted to our active and passive roof units if additional attenuation is required.

tek also design and manufacture attenuators for use when transferring air between spaces such as classrooms and corridors.

These can be designed to suit individual sizes and free areas.

Our attenuators have been tested by Sound Research Laboratories Ltd (SRL) to produce the element normalised level difference (Dnew) ratings for our units.

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